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Music in the Form of Technology

My students need an interactive whiteboard to engage in fun music lessons in the classroom.

My Students

The majority of my students come from a low-income household, with either one or both parents working in the fields. Here at my school, we try to make everything possible to keep the students motivated and engaged in learning, but we also believe it is important to focus on fine arts education and make it a daily part of their curriculum. I want them to enjoy my class by teaching them about music and how it can make a difference in your life.

My Project

When I first started working at this school, I noticed they did not have ANY materials or methods to use in the classroom. I had to start from zero, creating my own lesson plans from nothing and finding any type of material and I could on the internet. My school did not have any music program to follow, such as books, nor did they have a class set of instruments of any type. All I had was a keyboard and a CD player. Little by little I have managed to bring more material to the music class to make it more fun and engaging for my students. I like to use a lot of technology, just like students use in their regular classroom. I believe that an interactive whiteboard will help them get engage and have fun learning music. There are plenty of music programs available for interactive boards that will help me teach students the necessary skills to become great musicians and music lovers.